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A glimspe into the Men’s India Trip

December 3rd, 2013 | Posted by bvosler in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on A glimspe into the Men’s India Trip)

My participation in the India Missions trip was phenomenal!  It was very possibly the most singularly significant spiritual experience of my life!

For starters, the trip challenged me to act in spite of any fears I had about travel to a third world country given the health risks and inconveniences associated with it..  I was blessed the Sunday prior our trip by Pastor Brent’s message on fear when he stated that, “the safest place to be is where God wants you to be!”  That sealed the deal and I knew I had to make the trip!

During our time at the Pastors and Lay Leaders Conference in India I was struck by several things:

1.  The boldness with which our Indian brothers and sisters practice their faith, despite the potential threats to their safety and welfare.  It struck me that by comparison we here in the United States are not nearly as bold in declaring our believe in our risen savior.

2.  Although we went there to teach, I felt we received several lessons from those we taught.  I, for one, was extremely impressed by the humility of those with which we had contact.  Never did I feel that anyone was attempting to impress me, and looking to be impressed, but we were simply embracing the opportunity we had to be in fellowship with other Christians.

3.  Finally, prior to leaving I was overwhelmed with all of the preparation required by me to get ready to take the trip.  As a result, I left home knowing that I needed to simplify.  Then upon arrival in India I was struck by the simplicity of the lives of those we encountered.  And, I was also impressed by the apparent joy they experience in their lives in comparison to the seeming lack of joy that so many of us exhibit.  They clearly demonstrated their understanding that joy is not predicated on what we have, but who you know and worship!  Praise God!

I actually love to travel, but am not a lover of long flights.  However, despite the 18 hours of flying each way, I would gladly make the trip again!  I feel somewhat selfish in requesting that because I know so many others in our congregation would benefit from that opportunity!

Make it a great day, and God bless…

Milt Fletcher